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Hug Don’t Shoot is a non-profit organization focused on providing a sense of peace throughout the communities one HUG at a time.

The world needs to be reminded of humility, compassion and empathy. A HUG, smile and conversation can help to change someone’s course in life. In the midst of all this Hatred, Prejudice and Anger going on in the world… Hug Don’t Shoot invites everyone from all walks of life, nationalities, cultures, LGBT community, etc. to join our HUG DEALERS.

What People Are Saying…

  • Since the inception of Hug Don’t Shoot on August 5, 2017 many lives have been touched. I recall being at dinner with Ms. Jenkins and she received a phone call from someone who told her this mother had just lost her son and she wanted to know if Ms. Jenkins could come to visit. Val…

    Sonia Beasley
  • I praise God I met Val Jenkins. I was honored to Volunteer with her and her wonderful Hug Dealers at the Fallen Heroes Holiday Event. A hug can do so much for a person. I needed all those hugs over the Holiday.

    Darlene Cain
  • I volunteer, my Niece Patrice Meekins got me involved and I love giving hugs now.

    Deborah J
  • You guys are awesome and when people see you in the community they light up because they know a big warm hug is coming from the Hug Dealers. Keep up the good work.

    Patrice M
  • Hug Don’t Shoot is a ground breaking organization that has inspired and impacted Baltimore in so many ways. In an effort to reduce the violence citywide Hug Dealers have been hitting the streets and community events in a major way. I want to personally thank every member of this powerful organization for supporting several of…

    Marques Dent
  • Hug Don’t Shoot is a great organization for single mom’s raising son’s. It can help you raise your boy’s to be men.

    Arlene J